Bendicks Mint Collection, 400g

When exploring some of the flavors that can satisfy the cravings and healthy in munching, Bendicks Mint Collection must be your first choice. For all mint lovers, this dark mint chocolate will deliver an outstanding taste to you, and the texture will amaze you.

Many people like to eat minty snacks after having a meal as refreshment and it now they can consume healthy one. Bendick’s mint collection is an ideal snack to gift someone who is a big fan of minty chocolates, and they are original. These chocolates are suitable for vegans and allergic people who are always careful of the ingredients before buying any product from the market.

The chocolate contains bitter mint with powerful mint oil and 95% cocoa solids. This product is from Germany and has a unique combination of tastes to enhance the taste experience.

They are free from sugar to help you keeping track of calories, and they are available in white, dark, and milk formats. The texture of this chocolate is also exciting for people who love mint dark chocolates but now compromising due to calorie intake. Due to the finest ingredients, there will be no adverse effects on health. That’s why Bendicks Mint Collection makes it onto our best vegan chocolate list.

What we like…

  • Exciting minty texture
  • Four different mint flavors
  • Appropriate for vegans
  • Unique taste combination

What could be better…

  • The difference of layer in every chocolate.