BodyMe Organic Vegan Protein Bar | Raw Cacao Mint | 12 x 60g Vegan Protein Snack Bars | Gluten-Free | 16g Complete Protein | 3 Plant Proteins All Essential Amino Acids | High Protein Vegan Snacks

The BodyMe Raw Cacao Mint is one of the best organic vegan protein bars containing nutritious plant protein to provide the right nourishment to your body. This protein bar encompasses natural ingredients and amino acids to strengthen your muscles and overall body. It’s the perfect source of protein to soothe your taste buds and fill your mind with peace.

The best part about this organic protein snack bar is that it’s gluten-free, cold-pressed, bake-free, and GMO-free. Hence, it contains all the certified organic ingredients such as cacao, sea salt, brown rice protein, coconut oil, dates, and more to keep you healthy and happy.
The BodyMe organic vegan protein bar in raw cacao mint flavor includes 6g of natural protein while the overall item contains snack bars weighing around 60g. It’s the perfect solution for sports fans who need energy and recovery both for enhanced performance. Moreover, it delivers freshness and clean ingredients to keep your body fit and healthy for prolonged hours.

The protein bar includes a 3-plant protein ratio such as hemp seed protein, pea protein, sprouted brown rice protein to make you feel fuller for a long time. The unit envelopes a soft chewy texture and zero preservatives for a super-digestible and tasty experience. The BodyMe organic vegan bar provides numerous benefits to athletics and fitness enthusiasts and keeps them hydrated even after hours of running and practice.

What we like…

  • Gluten-free and raw-processed
  • Organic and plant-based protein
  • Delectable and Nutritious

What could be better…

  • Not suitable for people having cashew allergy symptoms