Conscious Chocolate – Four Nuts Bundle – 5x60g Four Nuts Flavoured Peruvian Cacao Bars – Handmade, Vegan & Organic

How good it would be if we never have to stop ourselves when eating chocolate after a hectic day?

Due to the strict diet routine, sometimes it can be hectic, but conscious vegan chocolate has made it possible. It’s organic chocolate of premium quality which is suitable for vegans, and vegetarians. You can indulge in the creamy and gooey texture of this bar without a worry about calories.

Conscious chocolate can boost your mood, and it’s free from gluten to give your taste buds complete pleasure. Its raw ingredients are cashews from Vietnam, hazelnuts from Turkey, walnuts from Moldova, and brazil nuts from Bolivia. To make every bite dreamy, it has high cocoa content, so you don’t have to compromise on the taste.

It’s also safe from dairy, soy, and refined sugar to prevent an allergic reaction and keep an eye on calorie consumption. This bar can fulfill all your dietary requirements and is certified to eat for everyone without reactions. This chocolate is handmade and especially suitable for people who can’t consume ordinary chocolates due to their diet and allergic reactions.

The crunchy and nutty bar of the conscious chocolate will boost your mood, and you can experience exceptional taste. Even the packaging of the chocolate is plastic-free and environmental-friendly. You can eat this chocolate without compromising on taste and calorie intake.

What we like…

  • Handmade bar
  • Organically certified
  • Plastic-free packaging
  • Gluten-free

What could be better…

  • The size is small.