SCI-MX Nutrition Pro V-Gain Protein Powder, Plant-Based, 2.2 kg, Chocolate, 45 Servings

Another protein plant-based protein shakes in the market right now is SCI-MX Nutrition Pro V-Gain Protein Powder. With its premium blend of ingredients and good value for money, it is indeed an ideal choice for vegan product lovers. This vegan powder supplement is quite rich in protein content. It comprises of an advanced blend of pea, soy, and rice protein. Thanks to this composition, it is also best for people who don’t want to consume dairy-based supplements during their fitness regime.
It is an amazing pre-workout supplement that significantly improves energy production in the body. A lot of people consider it as the best product to overcome anti-workout fatigue due to its high vitamin B6 and magnesium content. Its high protein content facilitates the growth of new muscle mass and helps people maintain their obtainable lean muscle mass.

Apart from zinc and magnesium minerals, the SCI-MX Nutrition Pro V-Gain Protein Powder features a high concentration of amino acids. Large amounts of BCAAs, L-glycine, and L-arginine are great for those following a vegan lifestyle. Some of the most prominent ingredients of this plant-based protein powder are soy/pea/rice protein, oat bran, quinoa, bucket wheat, fat-reduced cacao powder, and guar gum.

One scoop serving (45-gram serving) contains zero sugar but has 33g of protein, 3.6g carbs, 2.8g fiber, and 1.1g of fat.


  • Dairy-free product
  • No sugar formula
  • A high concentration of protein
  • Best for anti-workout fatigue


  • Limited amount of flavors in the market